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Aperture Testing


failure on first startup. suspect not enough energy. got three more used car batteries and adjusted capacitor. still fails on startup.

startup successful! over 500 failed attempts eventually led me to troubleshoot the type of power used. switched to advanced latent energy storage capacitor I invented in conjunction with cold plasma recipe. results are excellent. aperture successfully energizes. will open it and begin throughput testing tomorrow. 

no throughput. aperture won't open. possible blockage due to extradimensional interference. aperture successfully energizes but no subdimensional rupture occurs when attempting to open. noticed nominal heating along the aperture frame.

no throughput. aperture won't open. added a basic cooling system using sterilized water. heavy vapor produced shows spiral airflow within the frame of the aperture. it tries to open, but can't for some reason.

no throughput, no opening. aperture maintains spiral airflow for 10 minutes after opening attempts due to heat buildup in aperture frame causing expansion of vapors and heat currents. a better form of cooling is needed.

no throughput, opening attempts still unsuccessful. the spiral airflow now lasts 30 minutes due to increases in heat after adding more energy capacity. spiral airflow accelerates 3min 26sec after initiating opening attempt. increasing temperatures expand vapor further and water is no longer a practical coolant option. blockage remains and equations using readings from equipment suggest dimensional bulging. is something trying to come in from extradimensional space?

no throughput, no successful opening. spiral airflow is now violent and unsafe to stand too close to. energy usage is ridiculous. all attempts at cooling fail now. water sublimates on contact with the aperture frame resulting in suboptimal heat transfer. I don't know what to do. 

what's the point. no change, aperture frame now begins to glow from high temperatures. if I don't figure something out, I will have to stop testing. I'm sorry vox chronos. I tried my best.

had to stop in the middle of testing today. frame got dangerously close to melting temperature. double checked the measurements to make sure the frame hadn't warped. prayed for the Lord to show me a way. if I can't figure something out in the next day, I'll have to stop testing.

praise the Lord! I've found it! I was about to tear it down after so much failure, drinking a glass of apple juice when I had an idea.  I tested treated apple juice as an alternative coolant in a jury-rigged piping system. the drink turns out to have extradimensional properties that result in an inverse relationship with the temperature of the energy inside the aperture frame. further tests resulted in a temperature balance even at max power. during max power tests, dimensional bulging almost disappeared! thoughput might actually be possible!

had to tear down the system anyway. I saw the creepy secret agent dude again. have to get away somewhere else.

found a safe place to set up again. attempts to reenergize the system failed. suspected damage to some components during transportation. will have to run a thorough check on each and every piece.

one of the cold plasma coils was nonfunctional, causing there to be no power to the aperture system. will have to fabricate a new coil. no tools.

finished making a new coil, had to rent tools and equipment. over 144 hours of hands on detail work. had to triple check all the measurements down to half a micrometer. system energizes successfully now. did not attempt to open aperture at this time due to safety concerns.

resumed throughput testing. dimensional bulging is completely gone. swirling purple energy appears inside aperture frame and looks like it's trying to form some sort of pattern. more power is needed. temperature of the purple energy is over 100 degrees F. solid objects do not pass through, and there is no airflow.

thoughput tests unsuccessful. solid objects won't pass through. no airflow. no visual. no destination detected. fearing loss of destination.

throughput tests still unsuccessful. solid objects combust on contact with energy. minimal airflow was counteractted with equal and opposite airflow once deactivated. no visual. destination detected. hopeful destination isn't destroyed. unusual readings suggest destination is at least 24hrs ahead. perhaps time dilation?

throughput tests unsuccessful? Solid objects sublimate on contact with energy, which has now turned a piercing purple. center slightly warps and pulls at three equadistant points to form a shape similar to a trinity knot.  The center gently warps into what could possibly be a higher dimension. airflow is turbulant suggesting destination is at lower pressure. still no visual. timestamp confirmed. destination yr: 3060 aprox. plus 24hr time dilation. fearing destination destroyed.

couldn't do a throughput test today. the jury-rigged piping system for the apple juice coolant ruptured. in the presence of the localized extradimensional energy emanating from the portal the apple juice was at -120 to the 10th power degrees F.  The extreme cold flash froze the air around the pipes and seized up the aperture resulting in blowback that ruptured the cold plasma piping system. the whole aparatus is ruined. i'm going to have to rebuild it.

testing not safe anymore. I have to get better materials. Trixie says she knows someone who can help me, but that first I need to help them. she says she'll tell me when and what she'll need me to do. I am thoroughly suspicious. 
apple juice, though an excellent coolant for a low power system, causes a unique hazard when used to try to fully open the aperture.

used an old welding torch and what was left of the welding rods to put the aperture back together. had to tripple check all the details again to avoid catastrophic failure due to micro dimensional turbulence. 

tried several alternative coolants today. orange juice yielded no results. cranberry juice and grape juice sparked like a fork in a microwave. I'm running out of ideas again.

finally found the problem! the nozzles on the frame cause the cold plasma to go through a quick pressure change causing centrifugal friction in the electrons. as a result the plasma superheats and reacts with the dimensional energy causing the purple energy to be covered with a layer of hyper heat where the centrifugal friction begins to pull apart the quarks in the electrons resulting in massive releases of energy in the form of heat. extradimensional static prevents expansion or combustion. I was wondering why every time I deenergized the aperture there would be a quick release of heat in all directions.

reconfigured the aperture to use the latent heat energy storage as an evaporator to absorb heat from the frame during open aperture testing. adjusted frame nozzles to be oval in shape and smoothed their edges to reduce centrifugal friction. a magnetic field kept the electrons in the cold plasma from spinning when in the presence of extra dimensional energy.  Let's hope no one with a pacemaker walks through this thing.

throughput test nominal success. airflow confirmed. air is sucked into extradimensional space while aperture is open. once closed no air rushes back.  While opening the swirling air flow returns and the center bulges at three equidistant points to form a trinity knot shape that spins rapidly.  Once the portal fully  opens, the center of the knot bends and punches a hole through extradimensional space to the destination.  Travel through is still currently not possible, and I can't see through to the other side.

stupid laws of motion. airflow returned from extradimensional space with explosive effect. wall behind the aperture is burnt now. cold plasma is not enough power to punch through extradimensional space. throughput test was a failure.

I did it! throughput successful! received a strange looking rose quartz crystal in the mail from Trixie. it has heavy extradimensional properties and will be able to be used as a focusing lense. the effect of observing the aperture is what is causing so much trouble. the photons are counteracting the dimensional flow while being observed. after looking away, I attempted to open the aperture again. once again low pressure at destination created a delta P situation. pressure differential sucked in my hat and nearly sucked me in too. papers everywhere now. I'm going to miss that hat. oh well. I have a nasa one I've been neglecting.

they took it! I managed to run and get away in time but just as I concluded another successful throughput test to try to retrieve my hat that creepy secret agent guy showed up and took it away! whoever they are, they have no idea what they're doing! the aperture will only open in certain locations! in others it will explode with catastrophic effect!

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