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The Broadcast August 17th

Greetings friends, as the rest of the world prepares to burn, I continue writing with the goal of completing Tails of Silver Feathers in time for it to be published on December 1st. On November 1st at 3 pm CDT I will be hosting a time of discussion on the general public voice chat on the official Traveler's Quest discord (you can find the link to the discord on the community page). There you will be able to give your opinion, depending on how close Tails of Silver Feathers is to completion, as to whether or not the publishing date should be pushed back to January of 2021. In other news, the new material being added to Tails of Silver Feathers is now just days away from completion! Once completed editing will continue and I will begin work on the concept art for the illustrations and cover image. I am so excited to have gotten this far! Thank you all for sticking with me! :D Vox Chronos.

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