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The Broadcast Jan-Mar

Hello everyone! These past three months have been crazy. On one hand things have gone completely crazy with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 but at the same time there is even more crazy going on with in the political climate. It is clear that the world is going through a period of insanity and pandemonium, but it's also clear that there have been leaps of progress as well. In these past three months work has continued on the Tails of Silver Feathers short stories, and I have been able to complete a single short story each month. Now today, I've completed short story six ahead of schedule. This means I will be switching over to Blazing Bird #1: The Fire Inside and hopefully complete chapter 11 before the end of March. As far as life is concerned, I was blessed with a new job. Not having enough money for car insurance or to buy a car, has been tough, but now that I have another job, I will finally be able to start saving up to address those issues. On to a serious note, the amount of panic that has arisen from this pandemic is surprising. My heart and prayers go out to those who have the virus or who have family or friends who have it. In any pandemic, it's important to remember that panic kills. So let's keep our heads so we can face this crisis head on and overcome it. Well that's all for this post of the Broadcast. God bless and stay safe!

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