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The Broadcast July 17th

Hello travellers! It's been a busy month! Since June 17th, plans have begun on adding more material to Tails of Silver Feathers. Last week, I started writing this new material. It is unknown at this point whether adding to the book will push back the publishing date but I will have more on that next month. In other news, development continues on the first book of Blazing Bird causing a pause in writing progress. Despite this, Blazing Bird #1: The Fire Inside should be at least halfway complete by the time Tails of Silver Feathers is published. Jumping back to Tails of Silver Feathers, I've decided that once edited, a portion of Tails of Silver Feathers will be released on this website and on Wattpad as free to read material. The Prologue, Epilogue, and the new material I am currently writing will be exclusive to the sold copy of Tails of Silver Feathers. For those who don't know. I have a youtube channel. For over a month now I've been swamped with work and other things and have been unable to work on my latest video, but rest assured that as soon as possible I will continue work on it. Until then, God bless and stay safe. Vox Chronos

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