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The Broadcast November 17th

Hello travelers!

A lot of decision making has happened within the past month. After successfully reworking the ending of Tails of Silver Feathers I came to realize how much story content I had left out. I have decided to work on an expansion of TSF that could nearly double the book's length. It's more work and could push the publishing date back even a bit further, but I guarantee it will be worth it. Much more content has entered the planning phase for TSF. The date for publication of February 1st 2021 will remain the same unless something comes up to necessitate me pushing back the publishing date further. As work progresses on my first book, I keep thinking about my youtube channel. Currently, it's on pause, collecting dust and not accomplishing much. Planning is underway on how to use the channel and what content to post, so keep an eye out for some content on there in the future. As always stay safe and God bless. Vox Chronos

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