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The Purpose of this Website

Updated: Jun 21

Before I tell you the purpose of this website, I should tell you what this website is. This is the Traveler's Quest website, your portal to the multiverse. In english, this is a blog/merch store(coming soon)/promotional website for Traveler's Quest, a long story with multiple plots, settings, and characters. So what is Traveler's Quest. When I was five, I began using my visual imagination to create scenes in my head. It was a lot of fun, and similar to watching a movie in my head, only I was making the movie as I watched. The number of these scenes that I came up with increased and I ended up expanding on some, making them into stories. Eventually I had several of these stories and I began developing them. Then one day, something clicked. The stories started fitting together, melding into one big story with multiple settings and characters and timelines. That was the birthday of the multiverse. Within a short amount of time all the current scenes in my head were connected and more kept coming. I was beginning to get ideas so fast that I was starting to forget my old ones. Finally around the age of 13, I decided I wanted to write these scenes down into a book series, but even then the ideas didn't stop coming. At this point I have more than one book series planned. So why the website? Anyone else who has ever decided to self publish will tell you that an online presence will greatly help the success of your book. A website is an online presence. A discord server is an online presence. A you tube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, all these are online presence. The purpose of this website is to create an online presence for those who are interested in this story. Who wish to support me in the future or who just want to learn more about the stories. So feel free to look around. You might find something interesting.

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