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Tails of Silver Feathers

    Tails of Silver Feathers is a story chronicling the beginning of a new chapter in the life of an alien named Thyl, as his resolve to protect the history of his race, makes him a target for a rising dictator.  As a historian, Thyl has valuable information that could give the dictator what he needs to take over. 
   In Thyl's flight from this enemy's influence, he learns more about his own purpose and how he fits into the grand plan of God. 
Meanwhile his friend Yalvin, attempts to piece together the mystery of the dictator's plot in an attempt to stop his coming coup.  Time is precious, and there are eyes everywhere.


    Tails of Silver Feathers is currently being edited.  The sequal, Hooves of Thundering Iron, has entered the writing process.  Hearts of Glowing Crystal has been chosen as the final installment of the Lumio Trilogy.

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